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Nutrition Tips: Paul’s Powerball Recipe

Nutrition Tips: Paul’s Powerball Recipe

Always hungry and looking for a healthy energy-giving snack between meals? Or wondering what you should eat before and after a swim session? Try SS Head Coach Paul Newsome’s “Powerballs” (!). Paul’s just put together a short video doing his very best Jamie Oliver impression to explain how to make them (it’s super easy). Guaranteed to give you a satisfying slow energy release.


The ingredients are:

Fresh dates – 3 or 4 pitted
Dried apricots, pears or apples – small handful
Dried figs – 3 or 4
Desiccated coconut (small handful)
Dried cranberries (small handful)
Almonds (handful)
Cashew or walnuts (handful)
Chia seeds (sprinkle)
Paleo protein mix (sprinkle)
Cacao nibs (sprinkle)
Pumpkin kernels (handful)
Pea & brown rice protein powerful (a shake)
Optional UCAN super-starch
Coconut oil (1-2 tablespoons)

Blend for a minute, squeeze into golf-ball size balls and then roll in ground LSA (Linseed, Sunflower Seed and Almonds). Keep in the fridge!

This isn’t a hard and fast recipe so feel free to experiment with your own choice of ingredients.

Swim Smooth!