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Enjoy one of our clinics and training camps.  These can be tailored for your specific needs and goals.  You are free to choose the areas of expertise which interest you and the length of the clinic.


Our clinics are limited to 6-8 swimmers and can include the following services:

Vídeo analysis

Complete video analysis to each swimmer

Technique correction

Individual sessions to correct the swimmers faults

Rhythm and timing

Sessions which are dedicated to improve your rhythm, timing and stroke rate

Technique analysis

An informative talk about swimming technique

Practical session

Open water session held both in the swimming pool and in the sea

Grupal technique sessions

Working to improve on technique points which are common to the main swim group

Please enquire for further information about organizing a clinic in your city or club, once you have 6-8 interested teammates and friends…

Aswell you can join to our organised clinics in several cities.

Enrique Planelles moves to your city to develop the clinic.


Teléfono: +34 653372161


At our training camps you will enjoy an amazing stay which features fully equipped sports accommodation.

During our camps we will carry out training that is aimed at improving your technique in the three disciplines: swimming, cycling and running, determine proper training zones appropriate for swimming in the pool, sea, cycling running and other triathlon-oriented training.

Campus duration: 3 to 7 days

You can also request a customized campus, for both swimming and triathlon training, focusing on your needs and requirements.  We can organize all the camp content according to the specific requests from each client.


The triathlon camp held at La Manga Club, features an unique environment with everything you need to enjoy all the training disciplines included in this sport:

  • Indoor pool
  • Possibility in swimming in open waters in the immediate vicinity of the complex
  • Variety in cycling routes in its various modalities
  • Numerous tracks and routes to run along the more than 500 hectares 
Join us in our Swimming clinics and Triathlon campuses