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What is Video analysis?

We believe that the best way to identify areas for stroke correction is through video analysis. We film you from different angles above and below the water and then get you back in the water to practise drills that are specific to those areas



HD camera shots of your swimming from all angles, above and below the water.

Video Analysis Review

We review the video together to highlight any faults and explain the causes; illustrating this with comparisons with other elite swimmers.  We then look at drills that will help improve the stroke by recommending specific drills using explanatory videos.

Materials Included

Swimmer will receive an USB memory card which includes the original raw footage of the swimmers plus a video copy of the analysis sessions with recorded audio and video of the analysis from your session; there is no need to take notes on the day, this material allows you to focus on the analysis session real time and then to review it again at home later if you wish. In addition, the swimmer will receive  one month free access to the Swim Smooth  training platform, where exercises, training plans and videos can be found.

Skill session

After the video analysis, swimmers will undergo a technical session in the pool, with the emphasis on improving the faults we found during the analysis session, the Swim Smooth coaching way.


Observing the stroke from different many different angles that cannot be seen poolside.

Enables faults to be Identified easily and gives visual feedback to the swimmer.

Utilises the latest technologies and methods to correct the specifics faults.

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