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At Swim Smooth we understand the importance of treating each swimmer as an individual and the need to help them swim in a way that is best for them.  For this reason we teach the individual, not the stroke.

  • After each video analysis session and an understanding of the individual’s stroke, it is important to work on one area of the stroke before moving on to the next. During these sessions we will work to master each skill before moving on.
  • These session last about about 50 minutes, during which time the swimmer will receive constant feedback from the coach


During the 1-2-1 sessions we will work with the drills we consider are best and specific to correct your individual faults. We will explain the reasons for each of the drills so that you will be able to incorporate them into your own swimming training.

You will leave the session with some exercises to focus on until we will meet again, usually in 4-6 weeks later depending on availability and the number of sessions completed after the analysis session.

Enjoy individualised training sessions